Monday, December 5, 2011

One (ugly) hypercork....check!

Landed a hypercork a few nights ago:

Yes, it is sloppy. I need to get more flip. This is the perfect example of power making up for crappy nonexistent technique. Probably going to take some time to analyze my cork over the next week.


How shin-splints are born

I was messing around the other day, wondering if I still had any punch-style flips in my repertoire. I wont lie; it's sloppy as fuck. But, I guess I still have some power in these PBR-ridden legs after all, as I was able to huck a pretty big Barani:

That was probably the first one I've done since...March? Maybe earlier?  Be that as it may, we have some work to do. I'm going to try and get this move cleaned up, and slowly work on a Barani > Back Whip combo.

Sorry in advance, shins.


Tricking again....finally.

After a year of debilitating injury, study, boozing and working, I feel ready to start training again. I will be using this to track progress, injury, and miscellaneous thoughts on the process. My main goal here is to get a better -overall- level of fitness, but right now I'm really working on strength and flexibility. Gotta pick up from somewhere, I guess.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your tricking is an outward expression of your lifestyle

If your lifestyle is characterized by microwavable dinners, a couch, half a dozen bright screens, interrupted sleep, and an excessive school or work burden - your tricking will reflect this. If your lifestyle is characterized by nourishing foods, plenty of sunshine and movement, refreshing sleep, deep relationships and recreations, and a more moderate set of school and work burdens - your tricking will reflect this. Every thing you do has a positive or negative impact on your tricking. Recovery methods are just lifestyle choices and activities that impact your tricking positively.